Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The LORD thy God is in the midst of thee!

Good Morning to all,
I pray that every one of you had a good night rest last night and up in ready to face new adventures of the Lord throughout this day.  In my morning devotion, it is ask, "Are you an Epistle of the Christ; for the LORD is in the midst of thee.”  Now I know there are many voices that will dispute passages of the bible so right now this blog is not for you.  I am open to the public as an ambassador of Christ Jesus.  If you do not agree than praise God that is your right because we all live in America.  However, with freedom of speech and with caution I share my testimony so anyone out there that is in need of some encouragement, guidance or someone to talk too.  I am here.
Nonetheless, let me get back to my devotion time with you precious ones.  This week I would like us to look at three passages:
  1. Zephaniah 3:17 - the Old Testament
  2. 2 Corinthians 3:1-4 - the New Testament
  3. St. Luke 22:10-11 -  the New Testament
Each of these passages reflects who and Where God of heaven is....
Who we are and how others see us....
Moreover, the importance to hear the voice of God and to follow the voice you hear.

I believe as Jesus believes.  He says he do and say what His Father says for him to do.  If you are born-again, this also applies to you and me.  Many people are on the look out to find that one who says he or she is a Christian.  They do not get excited for you and they do not even congratulate you for the new change that will be appearing in your life.  No what they do is sit there like vultures waiting for you to make that one mistake to say in your face those famous cliché words: "And I thought you were a Christian" or “You a Christian right well you suppose to help me.”  Many have the wrong misconception of the term:"CHRISTIAN.” 

Becoming a new person in Christ is a process.  A process that must be revise and taught again within this 21st century body of believers in Christ- (new and season believers alike).  If it took you, 20 years to be hooked on drugs, sex and abuse well you had better get ready for a fight because it will take a process to overcome this demonic attached out of your soul.

Once you accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart, then the acceptance of the Holy Spirit must be receive from you to stay free from the woes of the enemy.  Everyone lifestyles and situation are different.  Therefore, what may take one to be set free in a moment?  A month or year may take someone several years to be free.  However, if you want to be free from any form of bondages (emotionally, mentally, abuse or addictions, and domestic violence) then you have come to the right blog today.  FREEDOM can be yours.  I am going to leave you guys with a prayer link below from my mentor in Faith for those who want to accept Christ into their hearts. Listen to the video and join the family today:  The Salvation Prayer

And for those who want to joined in with blogger bible study then read the scriptures above and think about those scriptures and this week we are going to chew on each one of those verses and get some spiritual understanding of the Word of God couples with nature testimony of the Word of God.

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