Monday, November 1, 2010

4AM Prayer Watch

Greetings Facebook family,
I've created a prayer blog to keep up with all of the revelation Father God in Heaven and in Earth shares with me because God's word is true and His mercy endures forever. I invite you to send your prayer request when in need of spiritual agreement in Faith. I'm a believer in Christ and by Faith I live, breathe and dwell in Him.

 I'm excited what God wants to demostrate to his children in the earth.  Delay is not a denial. Stay in faith and keep your expectations in Christ for  answers to your prayers. When we believe in our heart and not doubt that whatsoever we prayer will come to pass, (Mark 11:22-24). God may give instructions and everyone has a set time for manifestation. However by Faith nothing is impossible for those that believe in the true Word of God in Christ Jesus.
Be encouraged today and safe. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind, (I Timothy 1:7).  

During 4 AM prayer covering; an intercessor seen a vision of an older man shooting towards the front windows of a vehicle. Two persons are in the front vehicle (young ladies) and one seemed to get shot. I was told it was someone I knew  and close to me. We begin to war in the spirit and cancelled this assignment and rebuke this evil assignment that was sent out for these individuals.  Ladies be careful when you go out. Day or night.  God will not leave you ignorant of the enemy devices and his trickery. The angels were dispatch and God's word was spoken from Psalm 91; he gives us angels charge over thee and Psalms 23-He will deliver us from evil.
This word is for those who trust in God and hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

D. Ervin
God's Prophetic Intercessor (GPI)

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