Thursday, September 20, 2018

Glory of Zion Prophetic worship - YOM KIPPUR

This is the Hebraic month of Tishrei
The 7th month and all sevens are important: “completion, fullness” The month of the “Fall Feasts” – Returning to God and experiencing His Glory. The month to “touch” – Mt. 9 — Remember the woman who pressed through to touch Him. The month linked with awakening and removing that which would keep you from returning. (read more)

Prophetic Dance of the Glory

Prophetic Dance of the Glory with Min. Doniel Ervin
 aka Dr. Dee aka Bodacious Warrior

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Awesome time in Greenville, SC

  Special Thanks to the worldwide voters and 
the staff of the 
Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards, 
for selecting Rhema Gospel Radio - 
KOER-LP 101.5 FM - Cypress (Houston) TX; 
as Radio Station of the Year! and 
Bodacious Warrior for her faithfulness and dedication 
to the Rhema Gospel Radio
 from the infant stage of this vision since 2009
Blessings…-DJ HolyGhost-

 Bodacious Warrior was “LIVE” in the KOER-LP 101.5 FM Studio, 
Showcasing 2018 Radio Station of the Year Award.